Our Company

Where Innovation Meets Your Requirements

Since our established in 2009, Atpalas Tile has committed itself a design-oriented company that integrates design and production together.

Our Chinese factory headquartered near Foshan Gao Ming Port with 80 workers & over 15000sqm area.

We supply various kinds of materials such as ceramic, porcelain, glass, recycle glass, natural stone, water-jet patterns, cement, lava stone, inorganic terrazzo, metal, peel & stick and so on. Which are suitable for both residential and commercial projects.

Bespoke service are also available. 

For any mosaic size, colors, materials or patterns, we can both customize for you according to your own request to creat your unique designs.

With over 15 years experiences supplying to the world, Atpalas Tile has earn the trust and support of our customers!

Atpalas Tile will take unremitting efforts to improve the quality of products and service for all our customers.

Our History

YEAR 2022-2023

Added New Production Lines:

Cement tiles & mosaics in small format

Inorganic terrazzo tiles & mosaics in small format

YEAR 2021

Added New Production Equipment:Glass Laminated Kiln

Added new production lines:

Glazed Recycle Glass Tiles & Mosaics

Lava Stone Tiles & Mosaics

YEAR 2016-2019

Added More Production Equipment: Water-jet Cutting Machine

Added New Production Lines: Water-jet Mosaics

YEAR 2013-2015

Added New Production Lines:

Peel & Stick Mosaics

Metal Mosaics

YEAR 2010-2012

Added R&D Department to Meet The Fast Changing Market Needs.

Production Lines:

Glass Tiles & Mosaics

Natural Stone Tiles & Mosaics

Porcelain Tiles & Mosaics

YEAR 2009

Established in 2009, factory with 80 workers & 15000sqm area.

Start our supplying to the market.